About the WWW7 Conference Logo -
The Gathering Place

The WWW7 logo was specifically commissioned for the conference. Teresa Yasserie designed "The Gathering Place" with the three `W?s' representing the World Wide Web and the conference series. It incorporates common symbols in Aboriginal Australian artworks.

The three circles represent the place where Aborigines gather for meetings.

White indicates that the meeting is not indigenous, but the smaller black dots refer to indigenous influences.

The earth-coloured dots are a reflection of the Australian land.

The WWWs are in a U formation indicating people sitting around the meeting place.

About the Artist - Teresa Yasserie

Teresa is an aboriginal artist focusing on print making and painting. She has recently graduated from a Bachelor of Arts at Southern Cross University and is currently completing her Graduate Diploma in Education.

"I love earth colours because it reminds me of my childhood. I was brought up at Peak Hill, near Dubbo in regional NSW and I have fond memories of the old people telling stories and drawing in the red dirt. The red of the red dirt and the blue of the blue sky are vivid in my mind."

Teresa worked for two years as an Aboriginal Project Officer for the Department of Education (Sydney MetWest) where she helped aboriginal children in schools.

Teresa has had exhibitions of her work, including at the Maritime Museum in Sydney.